Fertility and IVF support

Nurturing life is a key concept within acupuncture, a process of listening to your body, hearing deeper needs and learning how to care for them. Laying a firm foundation for health both now, and in the future.

Stress and fertility are recognised anecodately to be deeply linked, and it's not until there are challenges with conceiving that many individuals and couples look at ways to optimise their chances of conception. The process of fertility care can in itself be stressful, particularly through the many stages of assisted conception cycles. There is now a growing body of evidence and research about the links between stress and fertility.

Acupuncture treatment is understood to be beneficial in supporting fertility naturally and through assisted reproduction, by aiming to balance, calm and regulate hormones and emotions, soothe overactivity of body and mind, and build up deficiency of qi and blood in key areas. Modern research also indicates acupuncture may be beneficial during IVF and improve embryo transfer outcomes:

Through acupuncture treatment I provide support for couples (both opposite and same sex) and for individual women through the whole of the fertility journey, from trying to conceive naturally, to preparing for IVF/ ICSI/ IUI, during the down regulation and stimulation phases of IVF, on the day of embryo transfer and up to week 12 of pregnancy. For each treatment I draw on well established and researched acupuncture protocols, as well as tailoring to each persons specific needs.

Please contact me if you would like more information on how I can help you on your journey.